Unitary Plan Publicly Notified Submission – Plan Change 78 regarding Housing Intensification

TRA made a submission on Housing Intensification last week. We identified our concerns under the following points:

  • Takapuna’s Unique Coastal and Lake Environment
  • Shading of Public Areas, Shading of Existing Residential Homes
  • The Iconic Image of Takapuna
  • ‘Notable’ trees, Loss of Tree Canopy Cover, Bird Life, Impact on Water Quality (both fresh water and sea water)
  • Increase in Impermeable Surfaces and Surface Run-off, ‘The Earth Beneath Our Feet’
  • Traffic congestion
  • Environmental Changes
  • Impact of Housing Intensification on Neighbouring Properties
  • What is a community?
  • Adequate Open Level Spaces

We hope that you also used this opportunity to comment on issues that you are concerned about.